LIGUM Offshore will participate in the realisation of the first Polish offshore wind farm Baltic Power in the Baltic Sea. The success of the Polish supply chain.

Baltic Power is currently the most advanced offshore wind farm project in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. In the Baltic Power farm’s area of approximately 130 km2 there will be 76 wind turbines, each with a generating capacity of 15 MW, giving a total capacity of 1140 MW. The farm is being built by ORLEN and Northland Power.

„The success of LIGUM Offshore is not only an achievement of the company itself, but also a triumph of the Polish supply chain. This project will require advanced technology, high-quality components and efficient logistics. We are proud to be part of Poland’s energy transition,” – said Piotr Walkowiak- CEO at LIGUM Offshore.

„LIGUM Offshore, being one of the leaders in advanced solutions for the offshore wind sector, will provide its expertise and experience to ensure the success of the Baltic Power project. Our involvement confirms Poland’s ability to compete in the international renewable energy market,” adds Seweryn Talkowski, sales manager at LIGUM Offshore.

LIGUM Offshore supplies rubber-coated coatings and components for wind farm components such as boat landing or external ladder. It offers innovative solutions for coating steel components with polyurethane, as well as PU sleeve – as a finished product assembled directly at the customer’s site.

This will be LIGUM Offshore’s 20th wind farm and the total capacity of projects in which the company has been involved is close to 11 GW. LIGUM Offshore is currently developing projects for the He Dreiht farms in Germany, Yeu-Noirmoutier in France and Dogger Bank C in the UK.

Since 2020, LIGUM Offshore has been a member of the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Association [PTMEW] supporting the national supply chain.

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